Amazon Consultant Service

Dotcom Reps, LLC has been professionally selling on since 2008. We have grown with Amazon in this same time period. Our experience dates back before brand registry and before amazon advertising (AMS), through v1 and v2 of these same services. We were there when Amazon went global and we will be here for your brand no matter how big or small. Our experience is heavy in grassroots as well as full-service amazon management for platinum level sellers ($5-10m annually). Selling On Amazon is a science, and we know the secrets exactly how to do it. Only hire the best Amazon Consultant, Dotcom Reps.

Our founder has authored several books on selling to Amazon Vendor Central and Amazon Seller Central. These books have gone on to become of the top three most popular “How to Sell On” books on the site with hundreds of 5-star reviews. If you are seeking an Amazon Consultant, hire the best… don’t hire an amateur.

We have teams dedicated to PPC and listing optimization to secure the buy box and liven up your detail page. Our agency is dedicated to providing sales results for our clients, and our track record speaks for itself; We have the stickiest clients in the industry with a low rate of turnover. Dotcom Reps is determined to locate the right keyword and content strategy for your ASIN(s) so that you can out rank and outsell your competitors. Increase your impressions, page views, and your IPI scores with healthier inventory that turns at a faster rate. Improve ACOS with more efficient keyword strategies so that you can sell more products at a lower percentage of sales.

We can analyze your detail page and continue to build onto this information so that we entertain customers longer and increase the likely hood of a sale. Becoming successful on Amazon is much like baking a wedding cake, you have many complex ingredients that are then lawyered on top of one another. If you are missing ingredients the cake will not taste right, and if the first layer is not right the rest of the cake will never rise or topple over. Millions of ad dollars are wasted each year directing ads to detail pages with underutilized content or the wrong message. The cost of lost opportunity outweighs the cost of hiring the right professional to market your products properly on Amazon.

Partnering with an Amazon consultant that have long term experience with a multitude of clients is what determines the brands that are successful versus the brands which never can be successful on There are many Amazon sales consulting agencies out there, but many only have 2-4 years of experience. The truth is that is not enough, becoming an Amazon expert takes time an experience because many situations are unique to the brand, product type, or selling category. Dotcom Reps has experience managing clients in most major selling categories, stores with multiple brands, multiple categories, PPC budgets in the 5-6 figures, strategies that encompass inside and outside marketing.

We can provide one off quotes for your brand(s) so guarantee that you sell more product on Contact us today for more information on Amazon consulting for your Seller Central, Vendor Central, or KDP accounts.