All You Need to Know About Brand Registry Tools on Amazon

All You Need to Know About Brand Registry on Amazon


For any e-Commerce business on Amazon, it is essential to ensure that your brand remains well protected from fraud. Considering the amount of time and extensive efforts to maintain an online store, one should take all the precautions possible. There are plenty of black-hat practices, from third-party sellers altering the name of your products to competitors selling their low-quality products under your brand name. Such fraudulent activity dictates why you should get serious about Amazon Brand Registry. Not only will it offer you better security for your online business, but it will also create a better brand experience for your customers. 


How Does Amazon Brand Registry Work?


Amazon Brand Registry had developed as a program for sellers to enroll their brands under Amazon. Indeed, Amazon initially had very loose policies regarding counterfeits and also had numerous lawsuits filed against them. With an ambition to counter such grievances, this program had been initiated. The purpose was to help sellers protect their Intellectual Property and help customers identify brand owners to avoid counterfeiters. Protecting your products is an essential task for an Amazon seller, and therefore you need to take a proactive approach to your online business. The best way to protect yourself is through registration of your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry Program. There is a dedicated team under the Amazon Brand Registry that sellers can contact for suspected counterfeiters, hijackers, policy violations and listing concerns. 


What Tools Do You Enjoy as a Registered Brand?


Sellers will be able to use plenty of tools to protect and promote their brands. To start with, sellers have access to marketing programs such as the Amazon Transparency Program and Enhanced Brand Content, amongst others. Some of the other tools include:


  • Brand Protection: It will give you accurate listings for your product pages, remove any suspected infringement of your brand, and also lets you report any suspected violations.
  • Brand Experience Optimization: Under this program, sellers have limitless ways to promote their brands online. It also includes sponsored ads and high-quality content. 
  • Advanced Store Analytics: One of the most significant advantages of the program is its advanced analytics which will give you better insight into the performance of your business. 


What are the Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry?


The tools provided under this program can benefit online sellers in so many ways, including the following major ones:


·         Protected from Product Hijacking


One of the worst fears for any private label seller is having their product hijacked by third-party sellers. To stop such activities from occurring, Amazon allows the sellers to instantly report such incidents to eliminate all possible threats. Other additional protections include removing those product listings that have your trademarks but aren't your brand besides images that depict anything related to your brand but aren't for your product listings. Those using your brand name but aren't yours, and those sellers who ship products in locations where you aren't distributing or manufacturing your products are also notable factors. 


  • Access to Reporting Tools


Thanks to this program, it is easier for sellers to search for potential counterfeiters or even potential infringement cases through its robust research and report tools. Sellers can look for product listings with their images and logo and ASINs or product URLs that can be used to report potentially infringing content.


  • Brand Representation


Sellers have complete control over their Amazon brand pages, and therefore customers will have access to all the correct information about your products and brand.


  • Access to Marketing and Protection Tools 


This program allows the sellers to access tools like Enhanced Brand Content, Project Zero, and Amazon Transparency.


Enhanced Brand Content


Through Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), sellers can easily edit the product descriptions and add strong content and images, as and when required. Sellers can use images and texts to convey the message of their brand better. 


Project Zero


Project Zero is convenient for brands to remove suspected counterfeits. Machine Learning (ML) technology has helped Amazon scan more than 5 billion listings to check counterfeit items and note them meticulously.


Amazon Transparency


It is an application that permits brands to generate alphanumeric codes for every unit of their products. Each of these codes is then scanned by Amazon, and only the authentic products are shipped to customers. Conversely, it helps customers to authenticate any transparency-enabled product if they use the app. 


How to Sign Up for Amazon Brand Registry?


While applying for the Brand Registry Program, it is the trademark owner that must complete the application. If the trademark owner is not available, an authorized agent can do it in their place, but they must be enrolled as an additional use by the owner. You can sign into Brand Registry with your Vendor or Seller credentials. You will be required to provide all legal or corporate information, validate it via SMS and accept the Terms & Conditions. Once saved, you can enroll your brand by filling up four criteria:


  • Brand Eligibility: This includes details such as the brand name up for registration and brand logo. 
  • Intellectual Property: This includes the trademark type, trademark name, registration number, and registration office.
  • Identification: This requires the seller to upload the product images, brand logo, packaging images, and website and social media images.
  • Brand Information: All vendor account details will need to be provided along with manufacturing and license details and the countries where brand products are manufactured and distributed.


After this, you may apply, and Amazon will validate your information by checking if you are indeed the correct owner of the trademark. It usually takes 2-10 days. Amazon will send the trademark office a verification code, and you will have to contact them to get the code. Now you can log into your Amazon Seller Account. Here, you will have to type your initial case ID, click the view button, and choose Reply to type the code. After following these steps, you can expect it to be completed within 1-2 working days.

By Adam E. Wilkens