Beginners Guide How To Sell On Amazon.com 2021 In 7 Easy Steps

How To Sell on Amazon.com


Recently I was interviewed for a guide on ‘how to sell to Amazon.com in 7 steps’ by Darren DeMatas at www.ecommerceceo.com . He and I have discussed the growing trend of growing a successful business on the platform and I shared some of my thoughts for new sellers. Darren and I were connected on account that I have authored several books on becoming a best seller on Amazon.com which he has read:



Selling on Amazon.com in 2021 is still the wild west, there are a lot of complexities and aspests of getting setup and building a brand that are 100% necessary. When steps are missed the business has dimished odds of success. I have told many people that creating a business on Amazon is like making a cake from scratch, if you are missing indredients the cake will not turn out right. You can also add too many ingredients or bake at the wrong tempeature and ruin the cake. Not everyone can make the cake look and taste good. It's a skill set that requires a lot of honing, and in some cases failures in order to succeed.

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As you’ll see in these Amazon statistics, Amazon is the largest online retailer. Selling your products there lets you earn a piece of the pie and helps expose your brand to new customers.

Ready to start selling on Amazon? Read this 7 step beginner’s guide to make sure you set yourself up for profit.

7 Step Guide To Selling On Amazon 


1 Learn How Selling On Amazon Works

2 Research Products and Suppliers

3 Create A Profit Margin Based Business Plan

4 Create an Amazon Seller Account

5 Manage Your Amazon Inventory

6 Promote Your Products on Amazon

7 Review Your Amazon Sales Analytics

By Adam E. Wilkens / Darren DeMatas