Vendor Central & Seller Central Marketing Agency

We can offer your business an array of services to meet your Amazon ecommerce sales goals. If you are already selling with Vendor Central or Seller Central, than you know you it is hard to reach a human being, and the self-service application can be overwhelming without help. By becoming our partner you can take full advantage of our expertise navigating this confusing jungle. This will significantly reduce the time it will take your company to gain traction selling in the Amazon ecosystem on your own.

DotCom Reps LLC will hold your hand through the new item setup files and product integration; which is a tedious process for any manufacturer. We know the ins-and- outs of Vendor Central, Seller Central, Author Central, Brand Registry, KDP, and AMS. This includes the use of NIS (new item setup), Cost management, Leaf nodes, Hidden Keywords, Title & Bullet Formatting, Video & Content Specifications, AMS, AMG, Image Guidelines, Remittance, Coops, POD’s, SDP’s, Variation Creation, Duplicate merges, the case log system and much more. If you have a problem or you are feeling lost and overwhelmed with your Amazon account, Look no further. You have come to the right place.